Generally speaking the Private Detective are Professional Investigators conducting the Civil Investigations, under the delegation of authority from the clients, all such private investigators are very much different from Concept of criminal investigations, recently the scope of Private Investigations had extended to Criminal Investigations.


The civil investigations is purely private and involves personal interest of client , the most interesting part of this private investigations as we experience in our tenure , which deserve to be share with our clients.

Honorable Court requires evidence or proof from the litigants with regard to their case in divorcee, maintenance Etc,  but the requirement of Honorable court is silent in getting such proof and evidence and our clients cannot approach the police or any other Government agency for such investigations as there is no such provisions for police or any other Professional agency to undertake such civil investigations.

The concept of PERSONAL INTELLIGENCE, CORPORATE INTELLIGENCE, and BANKING AND INSURANCE INTELLIGENCE is a subject of Private Detectives which cannot be conducted by any Government agencies.

In such circumstances clients is left with the first option to explore his investigations capabilities by conducting self investigations, which may not be possible.

Secondly he can use his friends relatives to conduct this investigations, but practically this also is not a viable option due factors of Non-Professionalism.

Thus they rely on  Professional, who comes forward in terms of Private Detective.

The Private detective is an organized force of people with required intelligence and infrastructure to perform such civil investigations in such cases.


The scope of private investigations had entered the phase of criminal investigations specially in the fields mentioned below



We have observed that many clients not satisfied with police reports or investigations request private bureau to under take fact finding mission or discreet investigation to unravel such mystery.

The clients feel that they have incriminating data or information with regard to case, which police usually ignore theirfore private investigator take cognizance of information and undertakes the investigations.

The report of private investigators is purely advisory and client has to take the final call on such reports.


The curiosity and client restlessness and police laxity in are contributing factors for any client to approach the Private investigators.

Moreover these types of investigations are taken up parallel by detectives and finally the result and outcome will be shared with police.

As such these investigations go hand and glove with Police.


The missing investigations are a part of Police investigations, but clients do not intend to report such cases to police due to their own reasons.

But we strongly advise our clients to always register formal complaint with police, as these missing complaints can always become serious offence in later stages and the clients become suspect or answerable to any such serious offence if reported.

Our legal panel will help the client in registering the official complaint and also undertakes the investigations to trace the person.


The cheating is moreover and criminal offence, but unless the clients have requisite evidence the cheating cannot be proved, the clients approach our bureau to undertake such investigations to gather the proof of cheating in property matters, infidelity  and adultery.

Impersonation is mostly seen in Real Estate Intelligence or property transactions, which can take legal proportions if appropriate proof and evidence gathered.    

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