Our bureau undertakes all such legitimate bugging operation in highly professional manner.

Such bugging operations are under strict compliance to legality of law and we will not restore to BUGGING OF PLACES OR MOBILES PHONES, LAP TOPS of any third party.


The reported bugging operations conducted by our bureau for our clients.

2006-2007: 174

2007-2008: 142

2008-2009: 118

2009-2010: 106

2010- 2011: 162

2011- 2012(AUGUST): 102


Our investigation experienced in these operations are undertaken in MATRIMONIAL LIFE, CORPORATE, and even today PARENTS are taking the services of bugging.

Such bugging is highly useful to unearth the truth

In  MATRIMONIAL LIFE illegal affairs are un-earthed

In  CORPORATE  employees espionage and other anti-management activities are exposed through bugging.

Every parent has the right to know well being of their children and their activities, and when the parents suspect their child, they restore to professional bugging and widely we found Child or their minors teenage boys or girls in spoiled company or habits, hence their activity detected.

There are many such instances when our bureau has conducted the bugging of places and mobile phone was conducted.

The results of such bugging were electrifying


  1. Declaration to abide by law of land and privacy of individual
  2. Deceleration not to bug or install the software in third party places or mobiles.
  3. Payment of 100% PAYMENT