This service is included keeping the FILM INDUSTRIES in the purview, it was widely noticed that most of the major films of  BOLLYWOOD, TOOLYWOOD and other regional states movies or songs  available in the market bringing heavy losses to the industry

We had strong network all for conducting this anti- piracy operations all over India.


This service exclusively deals in investigation and identification of all such people restoring to piracy, further we also undertake the assignment to register the Criminal cases against such people on behalf of our client on proper delegation of authority through our legal panel.

We had strong network for conducting this anti- piracy operations all over India.

In year 2006 our bureau has undertaken the ANTI-PIRACY OPERATION for a leading client from Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Our bureau conducted an highly successful ANTI-PIRACY OPERATION in HYDERABAD AND MUMBAI and within 4 days all such people were detected and police raid was conducted with our team.

This RAID was reported in all the leading News dailies of Mumbai and Hyderabad

Our bureau has earned a high appreciation form industry managers for this successful assignment.

The client is advised to undertake empanelment of investigation bureau before the film is released up to 3 to 4 months depending upon the requirement

Client shall furnish all the available information of their suspicions to investigation bureau after entrustment of investigation and even after entrustment client is expected to pass all the relevant information to bureau for better investigation services


  1. Letter of entrustment.

  2. Letter for delegation of powers pertaining to undertake anti-piracy operations addressed to law enforcement authorities of designated local area.

  3. All the information on suspects and their sources if any
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