This unit has been included into the fold specially taking the interest of NRI,s of country, our bureau has witnessed a drastic increase in entrustment of investigations from NRI,s.

Their fore we have specially constituted an NRI UNIT to undertake the cases from the regular investigations.
The main benefit of this unit is time frame work and reporting in these cases is for 24 Hrs All the cases are taken within 12 Hrs of entrustment anywhere in India

The main cases concerning the NRI,s defined by our bureau as per experience is as mentioned below


Our assement
It was found that most of the NRI, s looking from match from home country, for want of traditional values in their partner.

This are mostly arrange marriage from or within the relations, the dangers of this type of marriages are now open for following reasons.

he partner marries the NRI, s due to temptation of settling abroad and later they unable to adjust in such life style return back to home country.

But these marriages may not last long after both the parties realize the realities of life in western countries and practicalities of culture and traditions in India.

Therefore we suggest pre-matrimonial investigations for all such prospective brides and grooms living in India.


These investigations are considerably increasing for the reasons which we have personally experienced.
In this marriages the NRI,s living in western countries always looks forward to the girl with traditional values, culture and accept such marriages with consent of both the families.

This marriages are relied only on personal considerations of the family only satisfied with status of bride or groom being an NRI, on contrary NRI,s solicit the bride/Groom from India in consideration of culture, tradition and family values.

By the time both the persons realized the realties this marriages end with all such negative notes of allegations, counter allegations divorcee, frivolous litigations and harassment.

Even the aged old parents of such NRI,s residing in India become parties to these litigations and suffer in police and courts to safeguard their family interest and son/daughters reputation.

Many such cases start with aggression and ends with compromise in form of alimony.

Our bureau takes all such counseling's, investigations and our legal panel may help you in your case.


The concept of, purchasing, selling properties and investments in India by NRI,s in India have generated to start this exclusive department of Real Estate Intelligence.
Refer our column real estate intelligence for details

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