You must be doubting and suspicious that your partner may cheating you and possibly, you have noted some suspicious activities

Through mobile phones

Must have read some SMS

Change in his attitude

Reportedly telling some false and concocted stories of this work or personal

It is always advisable that SUSPICION is dangerous weapon, which brings the unrest in the family and totally destroy the fabric of relations.

We always advice that in case of such suspicion please do not confront your partner without any proof as it will be natural for him to deny all such allegations , and you will be left with confusion and doubts.

Further he may take all precautions not to get caught, we suggest that such type of situations shall be firstly discussed with your close confident or proceed with counseling.

In such discussions if it is determined that you should enquire about the facts then consult the investigation bureau for professional help.

Our bureau believe in fair and clean investigation and all our enquires and counseling are without any prejudiced with any one and reported investigations are conducted in highly un-biased manner.

Hence forth for any such suspicion professional advisory is suggested.


Our bureau has initiated investigations on such suspects after consideration of complete details from the client and found that most of the suspicion of clients is genuine and their partner indulging in extra marital affairs.

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