The divorcee has become the most complicated issue in terms of married couple on verge of breaking their marriage.

The grounds for divorcee is the most important issue legally, and this point of time the investigation is required if your doubts or suspicion of your partner indulging in anti- social activities is exposed.

Now days many maintenance cases are filed on frivolous grounds by misleading the Honorable courts, for which you have to expose such illegalities before the court and save yourself, and our professionalism can be an asset to your case.

Divorcee is an end of marital bliss and most unfortunate and painful decision of life.

Wheatear to take divorcee or not is the question, the divorcee should not based on suspicion it is an extreme step of life and such decision should not be taken in reckless manner.

Before such decision of taking divorcee we suggest Discussions with close confident of your family and professional counseling which will defiantly help you in taking perfect opinion.

Further we advise MUTUAL CONSENT in such divorcee cases as any conflict is bound to have legal apprehensions with unnecessary complications to both the parties.

It was found that such decision of DIVORCEE is taken mostly under Family influence, improper legal advice marred with Ego, Stubbornness.


Then grounds of divorcee to be identified and appropriate evidence to be gathered to be presented before the Honorable court of law.

Advise to undertake the professional help in such cases


It is suggested that maintenance is right of women as per law, but there are instances where it has become the tool of harassment in hands of some litigants.

Eligibility or grant of maintenance has exceptions as per law which stands to be misused.

The investigation is mandatory to understand the genuineity of such maintenance before the court of law.
An investigation is basically cornered to trace the Employment of Litigant and provide proof of such employment.


In this type of cases evidences are primarily dependent on circumstances and employment status in PRIVATE, PUBLIC OR GOVERNMENT SECTOR.
In private sectors best form of evidence is video and photographic evidence of litigant working in organization.
If the litigant working in Government or Public Firm documentary evidence and Photographic evidence is assured


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